Random post..

Hi buddies!

I know I haven’t been so active lately and I haven’t read a lot of books or done many reviews or book tags. I even skipped the My thoughts May segment which I was supposed to post everyday.

Well,   whatever. This is for today’s My thoughts May.

I am at my grandma’s house. Yes,  it’s so much fun. With my brothers and sisters and whole family. Not to mention free wi-fi.

Now you are going to think, if wi-fi is free why don’t I post more. I’ve got a simple answer. I don’t get the time. I’m exploring the streets amd talking to everyone. I did read a book or two, the reviews for which have been posted.

Also, I watched a lot of TV shows. I started watching Daredevil and even though I’m not into all that superhero stuff,  Marvel’s Daredevil has caught my attention. I am waiting for TVD’s finale and Supernatural’s finale.

The ending of The Originals got me crying. And I am watching Doctor who and FRIENDS too. See, it’s great here.

I have so many movies that we guys watch together. And my grandma’s delicious food is to die for. I don’t think I ever want to go home. But I’ll at least try to be more active. For you guys and because I miss blogging.

P. S- If you haven’t seen Daredevil,  please do. It’s really really good.


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