My attempt at poetry

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Special My thoughts May edition. My attempt at poetry.

I didn’t have Sherlock in mind when I wrote it but then I saw this picture and….you know. He’s Sherlock. And I am Sherlocked. I’m Benedicted. I’m a Cumberbitch.  You can read the poem now.

Title –  Oh blue-eyed angel. 


Oh!  blue eyed angel, The demons you fight.

You may not be mine. I have no right.          

You tear up, but your eyes aren’t crying      

They are the oceans that won’t be drying 

Come rattle the stars in quiet                    

And bring your dark light.                                  

I’ll hush but I won’t sleep.                                

You won’t come but I won’t weep

Ignite the sensation,                                        

There is desperation                                            

But you will have to go.                                          

I can’t handle this anymore. 

Cry me a river and I’ll swim through            

Blood on the edges,  but I’ll crawl to you

And time stands still…  Wind blowing        

  Gold shines sun.. Words snowing

Stay’ I say,                                                          

‘Stay’  I beg,                                                        

‘Stay’  I think.                                                        

But ‘Stay’  you never did. 



6 thoughts on “My attempt at poetry

  1. First of all, great poem!! Call me selfish, but I usually love poems that I can relate to. And I definitely could relate to yours. 😀

    And secondly, Benedict Cumberbatch. Don’t be shocked, but I don’t watch Sherlock. I don’t even know why. But the picture you posted.. lets just say that Benedict Cumberbatch is my latest celebrity crush.. 😛


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