The Wicked will rise by Danielle Paige

Paige, Danielle-The Wicked Will Rise.epub_2

The wicked will rise by Danielle Paige 

I had to wait a lot after reading Dorothy must die to read this book. This is the second book in this trilogy (series, I don’t know).

We all have a childhood connection to Oz. And mythical retellings are just my favorite..

Dorothy has turned evil and so has Glinda and it is upto Amy Glumm to stop them. The concept of Wicked witch has changed. Wicked is good, wicked is what’s needed and wicked will rise.

In these books,  there are no good guys( or girls). There are the wicked and worse.

This book was as amazing as the previous one and even though it took me time to recognize all the characters, since I had forgotten everything (That’s what happens when there is a long time gap between books)  I enjoyed this very much.

Amy’s charcter is pretty intriguing and this book had an interesting plot line.

We meet The Cowardly Lion who is not so coward anymore and The Scarecrow.

We travel through the Fog of Doubts and reach The Isle of lost. We smoke rainbow cigarettes (which are not bad for health)  and live this new life.

Wonderfully written book. I had fun reading this.

“Remember—don’t be wicked. Unless you really have to!”

I gave this book



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