The Heir

The Heir by Kiera Cass


I did not like this book as much as I thought I would. The selection trilogy set a high standard and The Heir could not keep up with it. 😑

I know Eadlyn has it hard but I did not like her character at all. She is strong but she is self – centred, egoistic, arrogant and rude. Being the queen is a privilege as much as a duty but she takes it as a burden she never wanted to have. 
And even though she seems to have good relationship with her parents and brothers, it all seemed like pretense to me. Because she is too selfish to care about others. 😤
The guys in the Selection. Well we get to know next to nothing about them  with only  a few exceptions. 
And can’t say I liked those guys. Even though Henry, Eric, Fox and Kile seem nice, I’m not so sure that any of them would be good for the kingdom. I liked Ahern and Kaden (Eadlyn’s brothers) though.

I was so excited about this book. When I realized that Kiera was writing another book and it’s an addition to the Selection series, I was over the moon. But this was disappointing. 
Sorry fans of Selection and Sorry dear Kiera but I DID NOT like this book and it breaks my heart because I had such high hopes. 
And the worst part was the ending. We don’t even get a closure. Don’t you think I deserved that after giving up my time reading this book and being so extremely disappointed. I read it in one sitting. Because I wanted to know what happens in the end. I suffered through pages, hoping it’ll get better but it just got worse. 
Why did you do this to me? 
I really need some time off now. To cry myself to sleep. It’s a fangirl’s nightmare. Being betrayed by something you believed in so much. It’s more painful than a punch.

I gave this unnamedunnamed

P.S – I read The Whitechapel Fiend by Cassandra Clare. And as always she is amazing. I can’t believe I waited to read this. Simon is discovering himself and it’s not easy with the Shadowhunter training going on.

This story had William Herondale, Tessa, Jem, little James Herondale and Jace in it. So how am I supposed to not like it? It was short and sweet and I want more. 4 stars to this wonderful story. Also, it shows the story of Jack the Ripper. The original story. *wink* if you know what I mean.


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