Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda

Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by Becky Albert 

Becky Albertalli - Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (retail).epub_2

Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda is a brilliantly written book. I have been waiting to read this after hearing/reading all thhe amazing reviews. And now I finally did.

Simon is being black-mailed. And no it’s not give me ransom or I’ll kill the hostage kind of blackmail but hook me up with your friend or I’ll tell everyone you’re gay kind of blackmail.

I absolutely loved Simon. I could relate to his character. Actually that’s bullshit. I felt like I am Simon. We have so many things in common. And it’s like his character was written on me. Except that I’m not gay, or even a guy or blonde. But seriously Simon is so cool and a total fanboy. He’s funny and nice. And gets along with everybody. And he loves music and Harry Potter. Guess who else loves music and Harry Potter?

Almost everybody on this planet. And if you say you don’t, either you are lying or a monster. Either way I do not want to be you.

Now  Blue. Now we don’t know much about Blue apart from those hilarious and sometimes emotional e-mails. And through those emails, I got to know a lot about him. And towards the end when we were about to meet him, I got so excited.

P. S- I had already guessed his real identity and Kudos to me I was right.

Sherlock pats my back… LoL I love Sherlock.

Simon’s sisters and parents are cool and they have such a beautiful yet funny relationship. Things are changing but it’s for the better.

I didn’t get to know a lot about Nick except about his relationship with his guitar but I’m okay with that.

Abby is freaking amazing and so is Leah. Even when they don’t get on each other’s good terms.

This was funny, creative and beautiful. The story was as good as the experience of getting to know so many exciting characters.

Martin,  Cal and even Taylor were wonderfully written. This is one of those feel good books that you read when you’re feeling low.

It made me smile and laugh and all the good things. That’s rare nowadays where characters are dying and leaving you a big sobbing mess.

And throughout the books I was hoping, please don’t die. Don’t let anyone die. And glad to say nobody did.

I guess I’m just in love with the author. Also, she’s a psychologist so that explains her awesomeness at writing teenage characters.

I’m just sitting here thinking what if John Green,  Becky Albertalli and David Levithan write a book together because that would blow my mind. What do you think?

Buy this book.

Read this book.

Love this books.

And then talk to me about it so I have someone to fangirl with. In the meantime I’ll eat Oreos and Waffles.

I gave this book perfect 5and it deserved it.


P. S- Remember Exposed   by Tracy wolff? The Ethan frost Novel. It’s out now. Go buy. 


6 thoughts on “Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda

  1. sumlynnnguyen says:

    Haha, I read this book at the end of last month and really enjoyed it! I really like the focus on friendship in this. Have you read Aristotle and Dante Discovers the Universe? I hear that’s a great LGBT must read as well! It’s on my TBR.


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