My wicked thoughts.

My thoughts May

Hey everyone! Alex again and today I bring you another list…

The list of my favorite VILLIANS. *EVIL LAUGH*

We all love bad guys but villians aren’t just bad, they are evil, cruel and wicked. A story cannot be amazing if it doesn’t have an awesome villian. Let’s all be honest, without the villian what would our protagonist be doing? Sitting at home eating potatoes. It’s the constant fear of uncertainty that drives them and makes them brave. And all thanks to our Bad guys.

Without any delay now, I’m gonna start the list.

15. Dracula (Dracula by Bram stoker)

No surprises here because he’s THE villian.


unnamed (1)

Also, he’s scary as hell.

14. Damon Salvatore and Klaus (The Vampire diaries by L J Smith)

If you watch The Vampire diaries,  you’ll tell me that they are no longer the bad guys. Trust me, I know. And I hate it.

But in the books,  they are the ultimate bad guys. The terror Damon causes in  the first two books and the way Klaus appears in the books. You can’t help but say that they Are the best villians. And no I’m not mentioning Katherine because I don’t like her. :/

unnamedThis is Damon from the books. And as much  as I love Ian Somerhalder and I do, this Damon is just sexy AND scary.

unnamed (2)And  I guess,  this is Klaus and even though I love Joseph Morgan and his accent, I mentioned Klaus from the books. So here ya go.

13. The Darkling / Aleksandr (The Grisha Trilogy)

When I started this trilogy,  I was so intrigued by his character and he IS my favourite character in the whole trilogy. Even though he is the villian. There’s just so many thins about him. If you have read the books, you’ll know and if you haven’t,  please do. These books are AMAZING.

the darkling

And the person I imagined as Darkling is

unnamed (1)

12. Devlin (Glass trilogy by Maria V Snyder)

I hated and abso-fucking-lutely hated that SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER!

She ended up with Devlin. I liked it better when he was the bad guy.


But you can’t exactly hate someone if they look like this.

11. Joker (The Dark Knight)

I know this is not book – related but come on. Top villians list and joker, it’s just meant to be.

unnamed (3)That creepy smile and those dialogues. Joker is the villian you love to hate.

10. Ignifex/ Gentle lord (Cruel beauty by Rosamund Hodge)

His words. Wicked. His actions. Cruel. And yet I can’t help but love him. You can’t actually decide if he is a villian or just potrayed to be.

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

9. Petyr Baelish/ Littlefinger  (A song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin)

He is in this list for all sorts of reasons. Fir being selfish,  betrayal but the best of all remember…

unnamed (7)

Yeah,  so this.

unnamed (6)

8. Loki

Do I even need to say anything? He’s Loki.

unnamed (9)

unnamed (8)

7. Mortmain (The Infernal devices by Cassandra Claire)

Have you read this series? I absolutely hate Mortmain. But he’s also really smart so it’s hard to beat him. He almost won. Almost.

unnamed (1)

This is hilarious and even though it doesn’t show how evil he is. It sure does tell you he can be stubborn.

6. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter series by J K Rowling)

He is THE bully. I hated him sonce the first book and even though I know the reason behind his attitude now, I still can’t help but hate him.


5. Queen Levana (The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer)

The epitome of evilness. After reading the fairest, I uunderstood a little about her character but still that didn’t justify all her actions.

unnamed (2)

4.  Tom riddle/Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter by J K Rowling)

He – who – cannot – be- named. Well I just named him  because Top Villians,  Voldemort,  see the connection. Made for each other. Harry Potter is aa series close  to heart but it would not be what it is if not for him. The character of Tom  Riddle intrigued me and Voldemort was just plain scary.

unnamed (10)

unnamed (7)

3. Moriarty (Sherlock)

He is evil genius and a psycho. And I love him. “Aren’t ordinary people adorable?”

unnamed (11)

unnamed (2)

2. Aaron Warner (Shatter me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi)

You can’t help but fall in  love with him. Maybe it’s that smile or that he’s broken or the way he says things that just make you melt. You can hate him at first and love him later,  nobody is judging you but you just can’t get him out of your mind.

unnamed (12)

unnamed (13)

He says things like this…. 😍

And this……..

unnamed (14)

Tell me that made you feel something because it did that to me….

1. Sebastian/ Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)

The best for the last. Because Sebastian,  the guy with the demon blood can burn down the world if he could dig you out of its ashes. He is cruel and evil and broken yet strong.

unnamed (15)

Jonathan aka sebastian


And that is why I saved him for the last. He is my all time favorite villian of them all.

What do you think of this list? And who is your favorite villian? Would you add more names to the list?

Do tell me in the comments.

Signing off



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