My love thoughts May

My thoughts May

How I love sharing some dirty thoughts!

So,  this segment is my thought on crushes! Yes,  we all have crushes. Real life crush,  celebrity crush, fictional character crush. Well I have those too. And my crushes know no bounds.

I have insanely HUGE crush on Ian Somerhalder 


I mean just look at him. And those dreamy eyes…. Asdfghjkl 😍😍😍😘

And Jamie Dornan 

Jamie Dornan Continues Running On The Set Of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

He’s perfection. And these two have a huge space reserved in my phone and computer. I have folders with just their pics.

And then,  there are other characters. Well,  can’t leave them behind can I?

I collect whatever I can find from the characters I like. Quotes,  fanart,  fancast, pictures, drawings, sketches, paintings, edits. And they all stay in my phone. My list of fictional boyfriends is so long, you can’t even imagine.

And the best thing.


Totally and completely MINE! 

unnamed (1)And even though this picture creeps me out,  it conveys my feelings. So how about

some eye-candy for you, huh? Also, even though I’ve shown you these pictures,  I’ll be doing a list of my favorite fictional boyfriends. Choosing is going to be so hard… Ugh but I’d do that for you.



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