My thoughts May: My first book

My thoughts May 

I asked you in the previous post to guess my first book that set me reading. Well that is the topic of today’s post.

No one guessed it right and I expected that because this might come as a shock.

My first book was……


Yes. Twilight. And I am not ashamed of that. I loved twilight when I read it and though it took me a week to finish it,  I couldn’t have imagined it being any better.

Maybe it was just the experience of reading a novel for first time that was good or maybe I did find the story interesting but after Twilight I went into the Vampire phase. I finished Twilight series, The vampire diaries by L J Smith,  Vampire academy series,  The southern Vampire mysteries,  House of the night series and any vampire book I could get my hands on. I thought that those were the only books I would like.

How wrong I was!

I started experimenting with other books. Some that had Vampires in them but other creatures too like Shadow fall series. And then my friend lend me a book.

A thousand splendid suns by Khaleid Hosseini

This book blew my mind and changed me in ways I can’t explain. It was beautiful and heartbreaking,  touching and just brilliant. And there started my journey to reading genres other than paranormal. And my vampire phase ended.

Signing off



4 thoughts on “My thoughts May: My first book

  1. alimuhd1194 says:

    I like to read books that are contemporary literature and a journey for the character that are finding themselves and their purpose in life.


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