World After

World After

   By Susan E E


Finally found the book that put me out of the reading slumber.

World-After is the second book of ‘Penryn and the end of days’ trilogy by Susan E E.

It was good. It was freaking insanely good. After Angelfall,  I was worried if this would be upto expectation but Kudos to the author. It was Amazing. 

Loved the  thrill,  excitement,  plot,  humor,  characters. It was a complete package of amazingness. 

The way the last book ended made me want more. 

And this book was….. Oh so good.


I was having a bookgasm.

Penryn has been resurrected or maybe she wasn’t dead at all.

But Raffe doesn’t know that and since Beliel tricked him and gave him demon wings,  his situation has fallen.

Beliel is an asshole.

Paige on the other hand,  is messed up pretty badly. The experiments have really affected her.

While Penryn’s and other human’s main motive is to survive,  Uriel has another plans.

There are genetically mutated beings on the loose and nobody knows what to make of them.

It was thrilling and wonderful.

I missed Raffe as he doesn’t show up till the middle of the book,  but the glimpses of his past made up for it.

And I’m just gonna say this book has a bit of humor in it too.

You can ask Pooky Bear. (You’ll know this reference when you read the book)

unnamed (1)

Bow down to the mighty Pooky Bear!

Hahahaha I’m going crazy over here. But I really really liked this book.

75 chapters and it still feels short. Since I finished it in two days only.

I’m awesome like that. (^_-)

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this book.

I’m eagerly waiting for the last book. The final end to this amazing trilogy.

I gave it 4

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