Two book reviews

So for the past two days,  I’ve come across such books that I absolutely can’t connect to. And it’s not the book’s fault (Or so I think)  I read The half life of Molly Pierce and Dreamland but for some reason didn’t like them both. 

It seems like I’m going through some kind of reader’s block.


1. I finished Stage Dive and I loved that series so it’s hard to find another book that could fill the void.

2. These books are just not good enough and I have so many other  books on my TBR pile. So,  I just didn’t deep read these.

3. It seems like a reader’s block. I keep  finding flaws in writing or characters or just don’t like the story. I can’t connect to the story

Therefore,  don’t judge these books on my account. Maybe it’s just me.

Book reviews:

1. The Half life of molly pierce by Katrina Leno


Yep, finished it in less than   a day and even though the plot was interesting I didn’t like it. Guess why?  Because reader’s block. I couldn’t connect with the character,  couldn’t dive inti the story. I had so much expectations for this book and now I hate it because of MY phase.

And I know I’m never picking it up again. No re-reading for me. Because there are just so many books and so little time. :-{

So,  this is about Molly (obviously)  who has blackouts. Finds herself in a completely different place minute or hours later with no idea how she got there. But now she’s starting to remember. Interesting right?


It got confusing and weird. People are lying and she knows it but doesn’t say. She disappears and blanks out but nobody knows? Nah! I’M not buying it. And the end. Um… No just no. Okay? But I still kept reading and didn’t put it down till the end. And it was short.. So,  I kinda gave it 3 stars..

Well,  it deserved 2 1/5. But goodreads doesn’t have half stars so whatever.

2. Dreamland by Sarah Dessen 


I have heard so many good things about Sarah Dessen and I don’t understand why. Because this book was NOT good. Maybe I picked up her worst book and that has impacted me. But this book doesn’t make her look good in my eyes.

The characters were messed up. The main story doesn’t start till more than half book is read.

unnamed (1)

Is there even a point? No. Are the characters relatable? No. Did you like it? Hell no! The only thing I did like was the dream journal and you don’t get to  see much of it. The flashbacks were nice. But other than that. I DID NOT LIKE THIS BOOK.

I was being VERY generous when I gave it 2 stars. Because it didn’t even deserve that.

I think I’ll give Sarah another chance maybe. Can you suggest any of her books that are good?

I’m reading Dark Elite next. Maybe I’ll like that and post a review. I’m 7 chapters in and it does seem fast-paced and interesting.

Signing off



5 thoughts on “Two book reviews

  1. Mariella Hunt says:

    Sarah Dessen is a good writer…you probably just picked up the wrong book. Granted, I’ve only read THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER. I highly recommend it. Really loved the character in there.

    If you have Reader’s Block, stop reading until you find a moment in your life so monotonous that you need to be someone else. Forcing a read does no justice to you or the book. Everything will happen when it’s meant to. 🙂

    I just finished a long piece of Russian literature and am taking a break so I don’t go forgetting all the books I’ve read this year, lol!


    • alextheshadowgirl says:

      You are absolutely right I guess. But then I came across another book after reading these and it was insanely good. So, either I have broken the reading slumber or maybe it was a bad book week.
      I am willing to give Sarah Dessen another try. And maybe I’ll go with your choice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sumlynnnguyen says:

    I’m sorry that you picked a Dessen book that wasn’t your taste. I’ve read all of them but this one and The Moon and More, because of the very reason why you hated it. I can vouch that The Truth About Forever (my all time favorite Dessen novel) and Just Listen are really good. I do suggest reading Along For the Ride after that!


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