My lazy secret thoughts

My thoughts May

My reading slumber has finally broken. And I’m up to the journey of finding new and exciting books.

So,  for today’s secret,  let me tell you a little secret. Now listen closely and don’t freak out. Okay?

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

*I have read maximum 3 and a half books in a day (including night and the dawn of next day but I consider it a day.)

What can I say? I’m a fast reader.

And no those books were not short. One had 273 pages,  other 325, the third  one maybe 268 and I read like a 100 pages of the last one. I’m not including prologue and acknowledgement and stuff.

Surprised enough? No?

* I currently have 291 books on my TBR pile (that I currently own) . And yeah it’s crazy deciding what to read next.

* According to goodreads,  I have read 579 books till now.

* And I only started reading (for pleasure)  in 2012. Yeah school books and stuff don’t count.

*Another shocking fact. I live in India where you don’t need to read classics to pass High school or English Class. (Yep,  only read the text book and you’re good to go. I think that’s  dumb.)

Had enough? Uh huh. There’s more. I have a question  for you.

*My first book that set me reading was________

(You guess,  and it was not Harry Potter. That’s a clue! ) 

I’ll answer it in the next My thoughts May post. So, guess right and I’ll mention you in my next blog post.  And seriously you are up for a big surprise. I don’t think you can guess.



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