My Thoughts May

May Thoughts 

Okay,  so since it is a new month, I’ve decided to add a new segment to my blog. Along with writing usual reviews and doing book tags and making lists, I’ll be telling you about my thoughts. You get a glimpse into my mind . It could be anything. So,  get ready to be surprised. (Like you actually need to get ready,  duh!) 

My today’s thought would be special. Since it is the first post in this segment and of course it’s 1st May.


This is a screenshot of the quotes page in my phone. As you can see,  all those quotes are random and have no connection to each other. Some have been written by a famous personality and others just chosen from a book or off the internet.

I have lots of such quotes and interesting stuff going on in my phone/life/mind. And in May thoughts segment, I’ll share it with you.

I see a line or quote or passage I like and I copy it into my phone. I read it, feel it amd explain it to myself until I understand exactly what it’s meant to express. Sometimes I collect it just because it’s beautiful. 


See what I mean? All random stuff. All that intrigued me. Some might be little mushy mushy,  Giving you feels and some are just plain enraging or deep or nice.

Want more? Cz you got it Chicka! 


Yeah they are not perfect but I like them. And I’m gonna keep  them. Do you collect quotes ir something that you like? And are you willing to share  it? Because in this segment I’m not only going to share my thoughts but also yours.  Yes,  YOU,  THE READER. 

Go ahead tell me something interesting about you or ask me what you want the next post to be about.


Signing off



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