Top Ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by theBroke and the Bookish. I recently came across it amd decided to go for it. 


For today’s list,  we have Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors.  This is going to be hard since I have a lot of favorites.


1. Cassandra Clare


I love Cassie. And I have read all her books. Yep. Everything. The Mortal Instruments,  The Infernal devices,  The Bame chronicles,  The Shadowhunter stories. Everything. Even the Iron trial by her and Holly Black. I’d even read her grocery list.

2. John Green


Again,  I’ve read all his books and I love his youtube channel. Everything about John Green is Awesome. I even wrote a post about him..

3. JK Rowling

unnamed (1)

Like you didn’t already guess this one? Duh! Talk about favourite authors and NOT mention her? Not happening…

4. Richelle Mead

unnamed (2)

After reading Vampire Academy and bloodlines series,  I became a fan of Richelle Mead amd that’s not gonna change.

5. Rainbow Rowell

unnamed (3)

My favorite contemporary writer. She’s amazing and awesome and brilliant.

6. George R R Martin

unnamed (3)

I have love/hate relationship with this author. But you have to admit, his books are Brilliant.

7. Sarah J Mass


She has such an amazing talent. The way she weaves such beautiful stories and creates such beautiful characters is wonderful.

8. Rick Riordan


Well this one isn’t a surprise either. Have you read Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series? Yes? Then you  know why he is on the list.

9. Maria V Snyder

unnamed (1)

She is as good a writer as the others. Her characters –  Badass,  story –  thrilling,  writing style –  fascinating. It’s a complete package of awesomeness.

10. Holly Black and V E Schwab

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

Okay I know this is supposed to be Top 10 but I just can’t choose who to mention and who not. So,  here they are. Both of them in my Top 10 list,  side by side. Because they are both Brilliant. I love their books. And I can’t choose.

Hey,  I just noticed,  most of my favorite authors are females. Go girls!! 😁😀

That’s all for today.

Signing off



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