Lick by Kylie Scott

I know the name’s not that good but the book is.

Lick (Stage Dive #1)

Scott, Kylie -Lick.epub_2

This was a fantastic book. It was funny and romantic. Full of emotions and it had me feeling all sorts of things. Beautiful. This is what love feels like. There were messy parts but not everything is unicorns and rainbows right?


Evelyn’s character is not hard to understand. She’s the good girl. Following her father’s footsteps, planning and organizing everything, lives in her own apartment,  pays her own bills. In short,  she’s perfect. So,  when she wakes up in Vegas,  next to a hot half-naked guy with a big diamond ring on her finger and no memory about what happened,  let’s just say all the perfection fades.

unnamed (1)

There is swearing and fucking and love and music. I found the whole band to be completely amazing. David is complicated. He has trust-issues with his messed up past. He’s confused about what he wants in life. So this is a story where two imperfects make a perfect life. 

The dialogues are hilarious at time. This book had me cracking.

“What if there’s a fire?”


“Fuck you.”

And funniest of them all,  my dearest Mal. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Also,  I have developed a huge book crush on David and Mal. So,  yeah let me just throw that out there.

unnamed (2)

I give this book 4😊😍

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