Storm siren

Storm Siren

                       By Mary Weber 

Weber, Mary-Storm Siren.epub_2

Siren’s storm

Nym is a slave. With being sold to fourteen previous people,  her worth has reduced to naught. But when someone provokes her,  her wrath is beyond expectation.

She is an elemental and that’s her curse. At least she believes that.

So,  when Lady Adora tells her that she has a choice, to  die for her crimes or atone for it by controlling her powers and fighting for Faelen,  she chooses the latter.

The characters are really interesting. I don’t like Lady Adora. There is something wrong with her. She can be such a bitch. Colin is funny and energetic.

Eogan is different. I can’t gather much about him but I’m intrigued. Everything about him keeps pulling me in. Hot fictional character spotted.

unnamed (4)

Nym is an interesting character.  She carries around the guilt of her past and her nightmares. But she’s also very strong. She has these Amazing and dangerous powers. She doesn’t let people get close to her,  and  doesn’t like to see anyone hurt.

The storyline is good. There is a war going on and Faeline is loosing,  that’s why they need powers of the elemental. But there are also other aspects which are revealed during the book that I liked very much.

” He’s inscribing my soul with his beautiful name”

It had me crying towards the end.

” And I am left. Alone.

In the rain”


I just can’t…

And  Damn that cliffhanger. How can she do this? I HAVE to know what happens now. It’s a good thing I have the next book. Or I would’ve died waiting.


unnamed (1)

I gave this book :4

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