’89 walls

’89 Walls

       By Katie Pierson


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Wise Ink for a free copy in exchange of an honest review.

This is a beautiful story set in 1989. Quinn Ganey has a wonderful life with a nice home and parents that love her. But it’s not like that for everyone out there.  The cold war has ended but people are struggling still.

Seth has it rough in life.  And while he has waited three years to talk to the girl he likes,  he doesn’t really think that it will work out between them.

The way their love story grows and how they face all the problems,  it just captures me. I really loved every single minute of this. Quinn isn’t the type of girl who can be easily pushed around and while she is quite nice and easy going,  she is quite firm about her ideas. And Seth who appears to be shy is actually quite funny and lovely.

The situations take them on various ups and downs but the great thing is that they do stick together because of love. This book was quite realistic and I loved the writing style of the author.

I gave this book 4 stars.


Coming out on June 5th.  So,  go ahead and grab your copies.  Pre-order and read thus wonderful story of love set after war.


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