Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

        By Dan Brown


First of all,  let me just say it.  To get it off my chest. I have had this book for sooooo long on my shelf that you might even call it ancient. My friends had been bugging me to read this book. And I’ve been beating around the bush.

Maybe because from the cover and synopsis,  I thought it wasn’t that interesting.  But Oh man,  was I wrong.

The first paragraph  goes something like this.

Leonardo Vetra smelled burning flesh, and he knew it was his own. He stared up in terror at the dark figure looming over him. “What do you want!”

“La chiave,” the raspy voice replied. “The password.”. 

Now come on,  be honest and tell me,  doesn’t this make you want to find out what’s happening? If not,  the next page definitely will.

Robert Langdon,  the protagonist and Harvard symbologist gets a call late at night asking for his expertise in a grave matter. He thinks,  it’s probably some idiot trying to mess with him but him wrong he was.

A scientist has been murdered and a symbol burned into his chest. This book is full of excitement,  mysteries,  art and science.  There are murderers,  deceit,  clues to a satanic cult that has risen from the dead.

Across the Vatican city,  Robert Langdon runs and tries to find all clues in time.  There is grave danger to the city and all responsiblity has somehow fallen upon him.  If he fails,  everything will be destroyed.  In this action-packed novel,  all the sharp twists and thrills made it, (in one word)  AWESOME.

I gave this book 5 stars. Give it a try and form your own opinion but if you as k me,  this book is worth reading.

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