Book blogging


There are numerous bloggers out there talking/writing about books.  Do you know why people like blogging about books?

Maybe it’s just that we love some books soooo much that we want everyone to know about them and read them or we hate a book so much that we warn everyone about it.

But that isn’t the only reason or we wouldn’t be blogging about books that don’t fall in those categories.  Book blogging is special because we readers love exploring.  Through books we dive into new worlds meet new characters and embrace their lives as our own (in that way we have died a lot of times).

So we go around bringing people in to explore those worlds with us.  To warn them if things are getting too high and make them excited about all the fun.  Blogs are great ways of finding new books and knowing about books many people haven’t heard of.

And when books are too long,  it’s smart to read reviews before loosing yourself in it.  Just to save your precious time and not having regrets later.

Therefore I have decided.  Book blogging is what I am going to do.  Starting with a book you might not have heard about.  My next blog : Paper Valentine.


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