The real John Green


Hey guys! Alex here.

And today I’m going to tell you about ‘The real John Green.’ And no..  I don’t  mean that the other John Greens out there are fake.  I mean the John Green who writes amazing books and is also a vlogger.

Most of the people know John Green as the guy who wrote The Fault in our stars and Looking for Alaska.  Because as I see it,  these are his most popular books. And the people who love John Green (like I do)  and  can’t get enough of him have also read all of his other books, which include Papertowns,  Will Grayson Will Grayson (written along with David Levithan), Let it snow (in which he contributes along with other authors)  and even Zombicorns which surprisingly does not have unicorns.

Well if you have only read his books,  you’ll perceive  him as a serious and intellectual person and you will be greatly disappointed.  Because that is not who John Green is.

John Green is funny,  a little crazy and an amazing  person who has great hair.   He makes awesome videos,  writes books and knows what teenagers are like.  He has a cute kid (Henry),  a wife (Yeti.  Yes,  he calls her Yeti.),  a really smart brother (Hank Green)  and a huge fan base  called Nerdfighteria.

John Green,  who knows that he is not an octopus after trying to jump on a wall and not sticking to it.  He is a really humble,  fun –  loving person who spends  a lot of time in airports and making videos in his basement.  He is a person who  writes books that win your heart and make you think of your life as a precious think.  He is really sweet and a heartbreaker at times (you’ll know if you’ve read his books).  And to people who don’t like John Green,  it’s not his fault.  He can’t change who he is and it’s perfectly Okay if you don’t want to change what you think about him.

But for the Nerdfighters and people who love him,  John Green is a really good person and a good writer and vlogger. We love you John.  DFTBA (Don’t forget to be awesome.)


One thought on “The real John Green

  1. alimuhd1194 says:

    John Green books and writings are precious in this world as most of his novels give inspiration and self-development after finishing it. He is a great guy and his educational YouTube videos as well as involvement in making the world a better place make me proud of becoming a Nerdfighter!


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