A song of Ice and fire


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Hey everyone. Alex here,  and today I’m here to share my views about ‘A song of Ice and Fire series’  by George R. R Martin.

First things first,  a song of Ice and fire is a fantasy series that consists of 8 books. Five of which have already been published.  These are :

1. A Game  of thrones

2. A Clash of Kings

3. A Storm of Swords

4. A feast for Crows

5. A dance with Dragons


The fourth and fifth book are two halves of a same book which explains why some of the characters are missing from the fourth book.

This series  has also been made into a TV show which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

From the first book,  Mr.  Martin takes us to this amazing roller coaster ride with the brilliant plot line and lovely characters (not all of them are lovely).

There is war,  plotting,  bitching, love,  betrayal,  death and every book leaves you craving for  more. Don’t get too attached to a character,  he might die. Don’t make an opinion about a character,  he might change.

Just flow through the pages,  praising and cursing the author as you read along. And you will realize that each book will create a love/hate relationship with the author.

Some parts you’ll love,  some you’ll hate but you will not forget.  The huge details may bore you for a while but the plot and story compensates for it well.

Oh! I almost forgot.  The covers of this book and beautiful.  So, go grab your copies of A song of Ice and Fire series and you will not regret it.


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