Not a Love Story

Not a Love Story

She was good with words but when she saw him now, she had none to describe him. She kept her eyes on the floor not meeting his eyes. He was staring at her wondering what had gone wrong. He had girls swooning over him but his charms failed when he met her.

He moved towards her and her heart started racing. He pinned her to the wall harshly and she cried out.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? You have no idea what you mean to me and I have no idea how to explain it to you.”

He stormed out of the room closing the door with a thud and locking it. She regretted the moment she had met this guy. He had seemed like a nice, sweet guy who was hot as a supermodel. If that even makes sense. She was tomboyish and guys liked hanging out with her. Dating was a weird concept, unknown to her. So when this sexy guy asked her out, she didn’t know what to say.

So she said NO. It was an impulse, like a knee-jerk reaction. She didn’t even think about what she was saying.

But later when she thought about it, she decided that it was the right choice. Mainly because she had no interest in dating. Her daily life was complicated enough. She didn’t need the boy drama. And the second reason was that he was a stranger and when a stranger asks you out, you say no.

Little did she know that he wasn’t just any stranger.

He was Adrian Barret, one if the richest guys in New York and also a psycho. He had gotten out of court cases for harrasing girls. The charges were dropped later. All it took was some money and a threat to the judge’s family.

When Natalie searched about him in the internet, she read all of it. About those poor girls, Adrian’s dead fiance , the court cases, everything. This guy was DANGER! She hadn’t realized that when she had first seen him.

But now she decided to keep her distance from Mr Sexy Psycho.

But Adrian always got what he wanted. And now, he wanted Natalie. He wasn’t gonna let her go easily. So he did what any crazy person would have done. He kidnapped her.

Adrian wanted her so badly. She reminded him of Emily. Apparently all the other girls did too but they could never truly be her. Natalie was different. She didn’t need to be Emily. She was already her. Every movement, every feature, every word she spoke matched Emily so well. It was like Emily had reincarnated as Natalie. Then obviously, they needed to be together. It was their destiny and he was ready to do anything to be with her.

Natalie cried and screamed and tried to break the door but her efforts went in vain. If Adrian wanted her here, there was no chance she could get out. She didn’t wasn’t to end up like the other girls, miserable and helpless but she didn’t know what to do.

When the door opened, she was scared to the core. But it wasn’t Adrian, it was some other guy. But it didn’t seem any better to her. Any friend of Adrian was equally dangerous. But the way he spoke after that told her that he wasn’t Adrian’s friend, like he could have any.

“Master has asked for you to come,” he spoke with his face emotionless.

“Please let me go,” she begged but it was of no use. He picked her up on his shoulder and got her out of the room. She struggled but it was of no use. He was stronger than her. She could see no way of escape.

She was taken into another room, bigger than the last one. He dropped her on the floor. Adrian was sitting on the chair. He made it look like a throne and he the king. Adrian looked at the guy and gestured for him to go out. Though that guy worked for Adrian, Natalie didn’t like the idea of him going out. She couldn’t stand the thought of being alone in a room with Adrian. She was scared of what he might do to her. The guy left and Natalie’s nightmare started forming into reality.

She could hit Adrian and try to run but if there were people outside, then she stood no chance of getting out. She could surrender but the thought was terrifying.

“What do you want from me?” she asked in a croaky voice. Her hands and legs were shaking. He got up from the chair and moved closer to her. With every step he took, her courage shattered. He stopped just a few inches apart from her. She couldn’t look him in the eye. He was so close, she could smell his cologne. She felt his eyes on her and her knees went weak. She was about to hit the ground when he caught her. Her skin tingled.

She swallowed hard when she heard a whisper near her ear. “Don’t worry dear. I don’t want anything you won’t be willing to give.”

She looked him in the eye and wondered what was the reason behind him being like this. But he got the wrong impression and smirked. “Like what you see?”

She looked away. Why did he have this affect on her? She hated him but couldn’t help but feel a little attraction towards him. “Is that how you charmed those other girls?” She didn’t realize that she had spoken aloud.

His face changed and it looked like her words had hurt him. She didn’t know what he had gone through. He had watched the only love of his life Emily die. He saw her in all those girls and was disappointed when they couldn’t be her. It wasn’t his fault that he was like this.

“You don’t know anything,” he said.

“Then tell me. Is there any possible explanation for what you did?” She had finally found some courage to ask.

His answer came harsh and angrily. “Because they weren’t what they should have been. They weren’t Emily. They weren’t you.”

She had read about Emily, his dead fiancée. Was that what it was? Was she really the reason behind him being like this? Even then, he needed psychiatric help.

“You were wrong in doing that. You made their life miserable and there’s nothing you can say that would change it.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I would never do that again. I promise. Just- just don’t leave me,” he said. He looked like a broken guy. Maybe that’s what he really was.

“I have to go some day, you know.”

And once again the crazy Adrian was back. “No!”

“I won’t let you go.” He grabbed her shoulders tightly.

“I can’t stay here forever.”

“Then I’ll make you. I’ll make you stay here. I’ll teach you to love me and you will never leave me again Emily.”

“I- I’m not Emily.”

“You are. Say it. Say that you are Emily.” He was getting angrier every second. She remained silent, not uttering a word.

“SAY IT!” he screamed.

“Okay.” She was scared and tears were rolling down her eyes. “I’m Emily.”

“Now say that you love me.”

Her voice was stuck in her throat but she knew that he wouldn’t let her go until she said it. So she spoke,”I love you” The words sounded weird from her mouth.

“Say that you are Emily and you love me.”

“I’m Emily and I love you.” He calmed a little and smiled. Good girl. He had his Emily back. Now he would be happy once again and she will be the reason. Their love story was perfect.

Only, it wasn’t a love story. Natalie pitied him but there was no trace of love. For j

her, being with Adrian was just a bad dream. She would never be able to believe in fairy tales now.  Because in real life, there was no prince, just a villain. There was no fairy, just a victim and no happiness, just tears. This was her life, her story and it was NOT A LOVE STORY.


5 thoughts on “Not a Love Story

  1. Coherently written! Every interval of the composed paragraph seems to be elevated to a sublime quality: Impressively engaging for a short story. Wonderful 🙂


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