The Black Book

The Black Book

‘I’m reading a book,’ were my last words before I got sucked into the unknown with my emotions dead, my soul writhing in pain and fire within me.
Never ever had I thought that a book could be so dangerous but THE BOOK OF HELL proved me wrong as it captured my soul and left my body trampled in the cave.
I wasn’t going to come here, four hundred miles away from home if it hadn’t compelled me to, whispering words of confidence, telling me that I was destined for this task of taking this book back to where it belongs as I was the one who found it, lying on the forest floor.
It was supposed to be easy because all I had to do was take it with me, bury it in the cave and chant a binding spell but I made a huge mistake that resulted in my devastation, I read it and it didn’t seem like such a big thing then as it was a normal looking black book with old pages, nothing alarming about it.
My curiosity got the better of me and I opened it, reading just the first sentence which was, ‘I’m reading a book, THE BOOK OF HELL’ and then I got sucked into the book or maybe just my soul because I can see my body, lying lifeless on the cave floor but I can’t touch it, can’t get out and now I am doomed for eternity.
~Alex-The Shadow Girl


11 thoughts on “The Black Book

  1. walter anderson says:

    Your story opened a page from my past, Alex…amazing…and maybe crazy how that happens…a few words…book…hell…cave…and while seeing the images you provided…I was seeing images from my past. Nice touch.


  2. Donald Miller says:

    Hi Alex. Love your idea. And the writing flows very nicely. That’s what I try to do with my stories. Some stories that are short seem very long, while long ones can seem short, when written skillfully.

    I hope you don’t stop here. This is a good plot. I say go with it. (And maybe you don’t have to kill her off at the end. Maybe it can have a happy ending, with her triumphing over the powers of darkness.)

    Hope you keep up with the writing challenge, because I see it leading you into excellent writing skills. Keep up the good work.


      • Donald Miller says:

        Whatever you feel comfortable with to begin with. I think it has the makings for becoming a longer story. And that’s the challenge that we all face. I just wrote about three thousand words today. It wasn’t easy. But I’m satisfied with the results.

        Two books from the writers of our group are featured right now. Mine and Ami Holding’s. They’re both shown as images on the right hand site of the site. If you click on the image it will take you to the story.

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